Every nation has its own set of standards, called Product Certifications, developed by approved bodies. Reach ISO with a global presence and being in the industry for over 10-year assists product manufacturers as well as branding agencies comply with those product certification guidelines. We enable companies in bringing the product quality to the standards of the international market or the specific country they are planning the launch. On that note, our experienced consultants help product manufacturers with the required product certifications that stand as proofs that their products meet the requirements, devised by the directives. Any business can take the assistance of Reach ISO from the product inception to build a shrewd credibility, indicating that the manufacturer has complied with all the rules, imposed by the certification body.

Customized Product Certification Assistance Service from Reach ISO
CE Marking is one such accreditation that is a confirmation to the European Economic Area (EEA), on which Reach ISO specialize. Interpreting it precisely, the CE Mark affixed on the product or its package acts like a passport for placing it on the European market. At Reach ISO, based in Bangalore, we offer a professional and practical consultation towards the testing, inspecting, and certifying processes, for CE Marking approval.

Ultimately, we painstakingly work on ensuring your product to comply with the harmonized standards proposed by the European Union which will eventually render fortunate outcomes. Reach ISO’s product certification assistance service includes the following.

  • Identifying the appropriate directive for the specific geography (Regulations on health, safety, and environmental protection, etc.)
  • Evaluating harmonization of laws, standards and assessment procedures with the type of the product
  • Examining the products’ abidance to the specified regulations.
  • Preparation of relevant technical files to assist in the law enforcement process
  • GAP analysis and pre-certification audit to ensure that the product is ready for certification

Benefits of Product Certification Service from Reach ISO
Reach ISO has been also large-scale many large-scale manufacturers from different parts of the world and assisted them with product certification in their target the market. With our vast experience, we have simplified the CE Marking certifications process to make the products compliant with the required laws and regulations. Follow the wing are some of the additional key benefits while joining hands with Reach ISO, the CE Marking certification agency in Bangalore:

Competitive Advantage
A comprehensive assessment of the nominated product, based on both the directives and customer acceptance. This will eventually help in the further improvement of the product giving an edge over competitors.

Getting Over Product Liability Claims
Once, the product has successfully demonstrated the compliance with the Directives, you potentially slash down the risk of Product Recalls.

Widening Market Access
Compliance with a specific harmonization can unlock admittance for other similar markets, which could be identified and put forward.

Brighter Export Success
We take care of the credibility of the products by assisting in obtaining the certification.

Avail Reach ISO’s Certification Assistance for Product Certification
The certification process by Reach ISO for the CE Marking certification is structured and highly organized. We have a team of seasoned consultants who have years of product certification experience in assisting businesses across different verticals. Along with the end-to-end certification assistance, Reach ISO provides the product certification at a price best in the industry. To know more about our engagement model and customized pricing structure, contact us today and one of our business development executives will reach you within one business day.