ISO 14001 Standard Implementation by Reach ISO

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Reach ISO Implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard for a Renowned Saud Arabian Firm

Our Client – Saud Arabian Multi Functionary Business Consulting Firm

The client is a visionary business consulting company based out of Saud Arabian region. With a legacy in trading and stock market, over the years the client has successfully ventured into many other business areas. As the client’s company has a clear understanding of the Saud Arabian market, they have been helping businesses and partners with crucial business information for a sustainable financial growth as a joint venture or otherwise.
The client’s company has the clear motto of consistently delivering quality work to customers by innovative technologies and solutions. Having strong technical expertise, great network of business relationships, and a vast range of high-quality products and services, the client is a popular name for their strong adherence to ethical practices and customer centric approach.

Requirements to Evaluate Existing Systems and Implement ISO 14001 Standard Appropriately

Before approaching Reach ISO, the client had implemented ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with lots of irregularities in the system which was affecting their overall performance. This was the reason, the client wanted us to perform a thorough audit and re-implement the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Standard appropriately.

On conducting the initial gap analysis, the ISO consultants at Reach ISO found out numerous flaws, unwanted documentation, and practices in the client’s system. This was an example of how a poorly implemented Management System hampers the productivity of an organization. Now the challenge before our ISO consultants was to start everything fresh by unlearning a lot of the poorly implemented practices from the system in the client’s organization. As it’s easy to learn than to unlearn something at an organizational level, the Reach ISO team brainstormed each and every aspect of it before taking the first step.

Brief Outline of Our ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Implementation Process

After going through the client’s operations, management practices, and delivery system Reach ISO’s consulting team developed a process map to implement the ISO standards:

      1.In a move to unlearn the defective practices, our team identified the most affected processes. The team conducted a special awareness training program and implemented a very neutral process temporarily to corroborate the improvements attained.
      2.As the neutral process and its results gave us sufficient data to validate our brief gap analysis, we initiated implementing the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 appropriately.
      3.The implementation process included an improved and customized Environmental Aspect and Impact Management, Occupational Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Controls.
      4.After implementing the standards, we conducted a detailed review and found considerable improvements over the neutral process implemented earlier.

    How the Client Overcome Poorly Implemented Standards with Reach ISO’s Assistance

    This ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 implementation by Reach ISO demonstrated how an appropriately implemented management system always ensures improvement and breaks the myth which many organizations believe that implementing a management system can affect the performance and the overall efficiency of the organization. With Reach ISO’s assistance, the client achieved the following benefits:

      Our client was able to drastically reduce its carbon footprint. Also, as a way of giving back to the environment a lot of environmental awareness activities were conducted by the client regularly, which eventually paid back them in terms of becoming a popular model organization. The client’s organization even received numerous honors and awards from their customers and other social bodies for being an environmentally friendly organization.
      Implementing OHSAS appropriately also reduced the hazard incidents at the client’s place by 68%, and now the client is better equipped to handle any hazard scenarios. The work floor and manufacturing floors of their premises now reflect a much better working environment in terms of health and safety.

CMMI Level 3 Implementation by Reach ISO

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Reach ISO Assisted Software Services Provider in the US with CMMI Level 3 Appraisal in Just 84 Days

About the Client – Multinational Software Technology Firm

The client is a multinational software technology firm offering innovative services and solutions in the financial payments industry. Known for its next-gen technology solutions, the client has been constantly catering to various industry verticals including Bank, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, and more. Our client has brought NFC Mobile wallet solutions and has made the financial transactions process hassle free in the payment ecosystem. As an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27000:2013 certified company, the client has aimed at providing innovative solutions to its customers at a cost effective price.

Client Requirements and the Challenges that Reach ISO Overcome

As our client was already an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and a leading provider of B2B and B2C software solutions, they wanted to go for CMMI implementation to further optimize their development process. For any organization to think of a stringent appraisal process like CMMI is itself a challenge. After the initial review of the client’s requirement, Reach ISO took the challenge and promised the client to get them CMMI DEV level 3 appraisal within one quarter as per their requirement.

Apart from the extremely tight deadline of 90 days in total, the actual project challenges were to plan the project, prepare the client, and implement the changes in time. This CMMI level 3 appraisal process required extensive preparation at the client’s end and strict review process to ensure everything is well in place. Moreover, scheduling of the appraisal process itself requires two weeks time to complete.

Reach ISO’s Approach to the CMMI Level 3 Appraisal Project

For an organization, the first and foremost step to obtain CMMI level 3 appraisal is to have strong adherence to the Quality Management and Information Security Management guidelines which is known as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. So, we started with implementing these management standards, and reviewed, revised, and further improved to make the processes full proof.

This certainly gave us a head start of identifying key areas to focus before moving toward CMMI L3 implementation. Once the requirement parameters are clear, Reach ISO consultants decided on putting together a strong internal team at the client’s place and get them effectively trained to handle CMMI L3. The training process included SAS CMMI, ATM training, and a customized implementation training. To complete all these processes including the CMMI implementation, our consultants at Reach ISO prepared a step-wise plan:

1. After signing the necessary agreements and contracts, our consultants started with identifying and setting up the internal team.
2. The next step was to go for Gap analysis and implementation training.
3. The CMMI training and preparing the client’s workforce for handling the CMMI changes on SAS-CMMI was the next big step which took close to a week time.
4. Our consultants then implemented the suggested changes, reviewed and initiated the registration with CMMI institution for conducting the appraisal.
5. The SCAMPI appraisal process that followed included the Appraisal Planning, ATM Training, PIIDs Review, On-site Appraisal Conduct, and Submission.
6. We closed the project once the client’s organization got the approval from the CMMI Institute by issue of the CMMI Level 3 certificate.

Mere 84 Days and the Client Obtained CMMI DEV Level 3 Appraisal

In the course of CMMI implementation, the client’s organization went through a number of improvements not just from the CMMI point of view but from the complete organization’s POV. With our training and detailed documentation of their process, our client was able to plan and execute changes easily and virtually never missed a delivery deadline. The client was also able to assess any project from all aspects, which made their planning and execution highly efficient.

As a result of achieving CMMI DEV L3 status, our client obtained a better market reach and could participate in all the major tenders successfully. Moreover, after achieving the CMMI DEV L3 appraisal, our client started receiving increased number of projects and had to double its workforce by expanding in other geographies.

ISO 27001 ISMS Standard Implemented by Reach ISO

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Reach ISO Implemented ISO 27001 – ISMS for Singapore-based Research and Analytics Firm
About the Client – Research & Analytics Firm

The client is a reputed business house specialized in business intelligence and advanced analytics. With extensive understanding of various industry verticals, business models, and new technological innovations, the client is a leading provider of advanced data analytics, cloud computing, and data visualization. Catering to a global customer group dealing with cloud, client-server and mobile platforms, the client helps businesses on implementing appropriate big data tools and solutions. Being a research firm, the client organization is also contributor to machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and adaptive analytics, etc.

Project Challenge – Securing Sensitive Business Data from Loss or Misuse

The challenge before our client was the safety of sensitive organizational data. As the client organization started growing, it on-boarded more number of employees and without proper proxy server in place, the existing data storage infrastructure seem vulnerable to loss or misuse of sensitive business information. Because all the data was stored on a local server with minimal security measures and without any periodic backup schedules, the security leaders soon realized that it could be a easy target for data theft.
So, the client wanted to implement a security system that would secure their entire system bound with appropriate authentication, authorization, and accountability conditions. The client also insisted on handing over the task to an experienced ISO certification consultancy that can implement the suitable security solution in line with the operational model as well as the data gathering and storage architecture of their organization.

ISO 27001 Security Management System Implementation by Reach ISO

After the initial discussion with the Reach ISO team, the client’s leadership team was satisfied with the team’s approach and signed the project contract.
• The Reach ISO consultants had a detailed discussion with the client on the requirement and drafted all the vulnerable areas.
• The Reach ISO team also identified all contributing factors and planned a detailed outline to implement a security management system based on the guidelines of ISO 27001 to secure the client’s organizational system.
• The team set up and implemented a highly effective IT security policy that included everything from data encryption to data backup.
• To further strengthen the overall security management system, the Reach ISO consultants introduced a customized risk mitigation plan that included proactive action items for every possible threat to the system.
• Reach ISO team also ensured that the security management system incorporates security updates and change management along with disaster preparedness and recovery procedures.
• With a detailed process documentation, the team suggested to secure the data by moving to an encrypted cloud-based server having three-levels of backup.

Key Takeaways from This Project

On implementing the Information Security Management system (ISMS), our client saved a significant amount of money on server room maintenance as the entire data storage system moved to the cloud. Also, with this move, the client was able to manage the IT assets better and the maintenance cost of IT assets came down drastically. Apart from all this, the client was also benefitted with new customers asking secured data management requirements and could even participate in numerous BFSI tenders. Reach ISO secured another satisfied customer to its list of clientele.

ISO 9001 Implementation by Reach ISO

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8-Decade Old Printing Press Company Benefitted with ISO 9001 Implementation by Reach ISO
Our Client – Eight Decade Old Printing Press Company

The client is one of the oldest organizations involved in research and innovation in the field of global printing industry. Starting from printer equipment supply to technical, performance, and process related solutions, the client organization has been a reliable name for quality and sustainability for over 8 decades now. With a mission of shaping the future of printing industry, the client has implemented several business ideas and innovative technologies to take the business to the next level. With above 11,000 employees and sales partners at 250 locations, the client has a global footprint in 170 countries around the world.

Project Challenge – Unavailability of Measures to Capture Customer Service Process

This is another usual problem in the typical organizational structure to ignore or give less importance to the customer service management system. Our client did not have a proper process to capture customer interactions and thus no means to monitor, analyze, and improvise on that front. As a result of this the client was losing a lot of potential business opportunities.
So, with a huge number of customer enquiries, the client was in need of a sophisticated process to document customer interactions, capture the nature of queries, level of solution imparted, and the level of customer satisfaction, etc. After learning about Reach ISO and having the initial conversation, the client decided on handing over the project because of our prior experience and a certified team of ISO certification consultants.

ISO 9001 Implementation by Reach ISO to Streamline Customer Management Process

First of all, the Reach ISO consultants got the clear understanding of the customer engagement model at our client’s organization and its existing customer service process. Comparing the existing model with the ideal scenario customer service model, our ISO certification consultants devised the plan for implementing appropriate customer service management process by integrating customer enquiry, smart requirement gathering, and periodic requirement review, etc.
We made the client understood that ISO 9001 standard focuses primarily on customer satisfaction and built up an extensive process based on the standard requirement. Our team of ISO consultants helped the client in customizing and standardizing the customer service management process to the need of our client. As part of the ISO implementation, we also introduced an effective feedback system that ensured the customer satisfaction levels always stay above 80%.

How the Client Benefited from ISO Implementation

After implementing the ISO 9001 Customer Management System, the average customer satisfaction level of the client is now at around 92% and also close to 60% of the returning customers has requested new orders. These figures are undoubtedly a significant improvement in the client’s part and Reach ISO’s part as well. Apart from a happy client, with this successful project we secured a long-term business relationship with the client.

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