FSSC Certification

FSSC Certification

ReachISO provides a sustentative FSSC Certification Bangalore. Abbreviated as FSSC, it is an ISO-based standardization that intends in inspecting and endorsing food safety. It works within the manufacture and supply chain sectors of the food & beverage industry. The regulatory framework not only comprehends the existing standards; but is also wholly acknowledged by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The FSSC 22000 certification scheme is applicative for the concerns that process/manufacture the following products:

  • Putrescible animal products – E.g.: Meat, Egg, Dairy products, etc.
  • Putrescible vegetative products – E.g.: Fruits, Vegetables, Juices, etc.
  • Preserved foods products – E.g.: Oil, Flour, Canned products, Snacks, etc.
  • Biochemical products – E.g.: Food colors, Additives, etc.

It’s concealed with a list of requirements for organizations to enable GFSI-recognized food safety management system. Thus, the endorsement from the Food safety systems certification in India, the following aspects in an organization:

Extensive Hazard Analysis

Food-borne hazards can occur at any point of the food chain. Hence, the standard offers the best practice in the hazard analysis. This makes it easier to identify hazards that are involved in contaminating the products.

Improved Food Safety Management

The enhanced hazard analysis measures, paves way for better food safety management. Conformity towards the standard offers a preventative approach towards better food safety and quality.

Increased Performance

The standardization, not only involves in the hazard analysis and food safety management alone; it defines every operation of the concern. By this way, identifying process improvements is already put in place, which ensures the overall performance of the organization.

Reduced Customer Complaints

With all the above factors governed righteously, any concern could clearly achieve zero complaints, from all the levels of the supplier chain.

Apart from adopting the generic best practices in the industry, by a Food safety systems registrar India, it also helps in various business-oriented affairs. Therefore, the FSSC 22000 has attained a global acceptance; especially to those organizations that contemplate exporting food products to the US and Canada. Accordingly, the benefits that could be achieved are:

Ability to define the organization, with its unique strengths.

The ISO-based supply chain approach covers up all major food safety demands.

Ability to overcome barriers in the world market.</strong

Increased acceptance of the product.

The FSSC 22000 certification can be applied to almost all organizations ranging from small to massive food manufacturing capability and complexity. ReachISO holds a professional method of achieving the FSSC 22000 certification, from a deemed Food safety systems certification company India. We help our clients, to develop and establish a system that behaves in accordance with the norm. Accounting it, every aspect of the organization will be analyzed by our proficient auditors and suitable implementation plan will be proposed.

Once, the proposed system is put into practice, it is validated for the conformity of the organizations. For this, we conduct several mock audits, to ensure that the proposed system demonstrates the compliance with the standard. The outcomes are invariably trustworthy, as it is enacted by personnel, expertized in food safety regulations.