FSSC Certification

ReachISO provides a sustentative FSSC Certification Bangalore. Abbreviated as FSSC, it is an ISO-based standardization that intends in inspecting and endorsing food safety. It works within the manufacture and supply chain sectors of the food & beverage industry. The regulatory framework not only comprehends the existing standards; but is also wholly acknowledged by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


The FSSC 22000 certification scheme is applicative for the concerns that process/manufacture the following products:

Putrescible animal products – E.g.: Meat, Egg, Dairy products, etc.

Putrescible vegetative products – E.g.: Fruits, Vegetables, Juices, etc.

Preserved foods products – E.g.: Oil, Flour, Canned products, Snacks, etc.

Biochemical products – E.g.: Food colors, Additives, etc.

Exclusive HACCP Certification Assistance Service by Reach ISO

Reach ISO’s HACCP certification assistance service is based on the seven prescribed principles mentioned in the international standard of ISO 22000 FSMS 2005. Our hazard analysis process includes:

Conducting Hazard Analysis

We segment the existing process of the organization based on the food processing stages and perform an extensive hazard analysis to list all possible food hazards.

Identifying Critical Control Points

Our experts find out the control points that need to be monitored so that the food processing system adhere to the prescribes environmental guidelines.

Finalizing Critical Limits For Each Critical Control Point

Once the critical control points in the existing food processing system are known, we suggest the critical limits for each control stage so that the process stays under permissible control.

Determining Requirements for Critical Control Point Monitoring

Based on historical data and careful observation, our specialists determine the factors that influence the food processing system and suggests guidelines to monitor the critical control points.

Corrective Actions

We do a root cause analysis of the problems and suggest corrective measures in a documented form to keep the food hazards within the control limit.

Process For Ensuring the HACCP System Is Working As Expected

We ensure that the HACCP system is running fine by trial runs of the food processing plants and verifications at various levels that include microbial sampling and testing.

Establishing Record Keeping Procedures

We help the food processing plants to create, maintain, and follow written documents of the HACCP plan, hazard analysis, and monitoring plan, etc.

Benefits of Partnering with Reach ISO for HACCP Certification

Reach ISO’s HACCP based procedures provide businesses with a cost-effective system for controlling food hazards. It helps to maintain the safety of the food products through production, storage, and sale to the consumer. With Reach ISO’s assistance, the preventive approach of HACCP based procedures not only improves food safety management but also complements other quality management aspects of the system. The key benefits of availing our HACCP based certification assistance include:

Saves your business money in the long run

Avoids poisoning your customers and defamation of your brand.

Increase and maintenance of suggested food safety standards.

Ensures your organization is compliant with the food safety regulations

Increase in food quality standards

Organizes your process to produce safe food

Organizes your staff promoting teamwork and efficiency

In worse case, due diligence defense in court of law

Approach Reach ISO for HACCP Certification Requirement

The HACCP standard is a complete food safety and quality management system incorporating the elements of prerequisite programs (GMP & SSOP). Reach ISO brings HACCP and the quality management system together to form your organization’s Total Quality Management system.

We also assist in implementing other standards, such as Safe Quality Food Institute’s SQF Code, as the basis for developing and maintaining Food Safety (Level 2) and Food Quality (Level 3) Plans.

To learn more about how Reach ISO can help you develop and implement customized hazard free programs, contact us today and we take you through the concert of fundamental prerequisites for Good Manufacturing Practices.