Owing to the constant upsurge in the food business worldwide, acquiring a GFSI-recognized certification has become an essential criterion. ReachISO, one of the major Global Food Safety Initiative certification company India. It helps in assuring the compliance of an organization, against the standard via simplified and streamlined efforts. Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a collaborative effort that is engaged in establishing a preeminent food safety management system.

It constitutes top-notch food safety experts from all around the world, from all verticals, such as manufacturers, retailers, etc. Therefore, the GFSI benchmark standards are globally authorized; and a GFSI-recognized certification is mandatorily demanded by numerous food retailers overseas. The certification thoroughly attunes a company to the best practices in food safety. Thus the endorsement of the certification stands as a stamp of approval for the following things in an organization,

  • Effective food safety management system, following the best practices recognized by GFSI
  • Minimalized risks in regards to the food safety
  • Strong commitment to continuous improvement, as the regulatory is persistently revised
  • Increased brand protection, enabling access to top retailers

These two things invariably describe a concern’s commitment, towards the value of food safety. This, in turn, induces a high level of confidence in the buyers and consumers that it manufactures/delivers safer foods. However, there is one thing that has to be noted. The Global Food Safety Initiative isn’t directly involved in the certification activities. Conversely, there are recognized certification bodies, attending it. ReachISO provides extensively lucrative services to attain Global Food Safety Initiative certification India.

The standard, comprises a number of food safety maintenance schemes, from various parts of the globe. Moreover, the schemes are consistently revised, to enable improvisation of the best practices, aligning to the emerging concepts. Global Food Safety Initiative registrar India usually focuses on some of the GFSI-recognized schemes, such as:

  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)
  • Global Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)
  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000)
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance Seafood (BAP Seafood Processing Standard)
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)
  • International Featured Standard (IFS Food)
  • Organizations from any part of the world can apply and get certified on any of these schemes, through a legitimate certification body. As mentioned, the schemes encompass GFSI-recognized best practices in every granule of the food supply chain. Therefore, deducing and promoting a business’s food safety management according to these impressions will help in aligning its conformity towards the schemes. ReachISO, Global Food Safety Initiative certification Bangalore carries out the following stages of operations, to enable this.

Stage 1:

The product and current system are analyzed, and the appropriate GFSI standard identified.

Stage 2:

Evaluating necessary corrections, based on the conformity against the standard.

Stage 3:

ReachISO performs a pseudo assessment, to check the compliance with the standard.

Stage 4:

Corrective actions for the compliance, identified in the assessment, is carried out.

Stage 5:

Certification for the GFSI is applied.

Stage 6:

Onsite certification audit and desk audits are implicated to demonstrate the compliance.

Stage 7:

Certification is approved and issued.