How can ISO Certification Boost My Business? Is ISO Certification Just A Marketing Tool?

How can ISO Certification Boost My Business? Is ISO Certification Just A Marketing Tool?

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August 13, 2020

Are you wondering whether the trouble and expenses of getting ISO certification for your business are worth it? The answer is a big yes, according to several researches. There are records that 98% of companies that have OSO certification rate it as a very good or a good venture. ISO certification has clear benefits to your business in terms of customer satisfaction, employee commitments and general operations.

Having ISO certification is like building a strong foundation for building. You can put up a stable business with all the confidence that it will not fall and shatter when storms come. Although there are some formalities to do to obtain ISO certification, the concrete benefits that come with it are significant to your business.

What is ISO certification?

The word ISO is an abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization. The organization has published more than 21,000 standards up to date in various vicinities ranging from health and occupation safety to management of food safety.

Principles that are included in ISO certification standards provide guidelines, characteristics, specifications and requirements that can be constantly implemented to ensure that products and services are up to standard for their purposes. External attributed bodies are entrusted to provide ISO certification and not International Organization for Standardization itself.

Examples of ISO certifications include

  • ISO 900: For quality management. It ensures that products and services offered are fit for customer needs.
  • ISO 31000: For risk management. Help in the management of risks that could impact negatively to a business.
  • ISO/IEC 27001: Information security. It ensures safety for business information.

All sizes of business entities can get ISO certified. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small startup with a few employees or a big company with large stocks and a big number of workers.

Ways in Which ISO Certification Can Boost Your Business

Getting ISO certified is one way enhancing the marketing campaigns for your company as well as offering the best to your prospective customers. Let’s unpack the various ways in which it can improve the operations of your business, and even make you record increased proceeds.

Enhance best practices

ISO certification introduces your business to internationally approved practices ranging from quality assurance, health and safety, data protection, food safety, environmental review and success monitoring.

Boosts production

When striving to meet the standards, you end up refining, monitoring and setting goals for your business methods. This is beneficial in building a successful business that thrives in all sectors.

Improve customer experience

ISO certification ensures customer fulfilment, complaint management and quality check. This is a sure way to retain customers and get more referrals. The more the customers, the more revenues.

Increased profits

Certified business enterprises record more gains. This is collectively due to the overall improvement in the operations of the business.

Motivation of employees

Employees also get to work on a safe, stable and motivating working environment where their efforts are appreciated. They obviously become productive and royal in their services; which makes your company grow or become more established.

Information safety

In the modern era where information is a crucial asset to any business, ISO certification plays a significant role in ensuring safety to critical data regarding your organization. Data protection is helpful in creating a safe working environment for both the business and customers.

More market opportunities

An ISO certified business has more chances of getting more market and valuable contracts with other successful companies or even the government. Most standards are internationally accepted and can give you more chances of finding worldwide markets.

Promote teamwork

Certification processes bring together managers and employees to work together and achieve a common objective. It fosters a productive while creating an engaged workforce.

Is ISO Certification Just A Marketing Tool?

Most businesses are faced with a lot of pressure to coordinate various transactions that happen within the set up. A small number of employees may be required to handle a lot of tasks collectively such as production and sales, supply chain, rules and regulations among others.

A stable quality setting is the foremost aspect that contributes to sustainability and improvement of your overall business. Apart from being a reliable marketing tool, ISO certifications also benefit other aspects of a business. Here we look at how other sectors of a business benefit from it.

Benefits to the business owner

Optimal utilization of resources saves your business a lot of expenses. This can be achieved through the Quality Management guidelines that enhance proper accomplishment of resources and show where saving can be achieved. It also leads to an increased brand reputation which transforms into more benefits.

The business is also capable of meeting its customer needs more effectively which leads to getting more customers and more profit to the business owner.

Benefits to the employee

ISO certification requires a business to implement all terms relating to human resources management which gives proper working conditions and ensures employees’ recognition and competence. This is important for their motivation and satisfaction. An ISO certified company is potentially a better place of work for any employee.

Benefits to customers

ISO certification standards entail the fundamental principles of meeting the needs of the customers or clients, and improving their experiences with products and services of a business. Certification increase customer’s trust since they know the verified firm.


ISO certification can boost your business in a great way. It is helpful in all aspects of your business. Its key benefits are efficient and structured business set up processes, more client’s satisfaction, retention and referrals and production of quality products and services. Certifying your firm means having a proper management which leads to an improved and sustainable business.

Most serious potential clients view an ISO certified business entity as more legitimate compared to an uncertified one. You can be in a position to close more important business deals and sign new contracts that can take your business to the next level. With ISO certification, your business becomes reputable and experiences an increased turnover.