How to Choose ISO Certification Body India

9 Criteria for Selecting the Right ISO Certification Body

For an organization deciding to become ISO certified has to go through two important decision-making process. The first one is obvious and the most time-taking that is to take the call of becoming ISO compliant. The second one which is again a critical decision – Selecting the right certification body that can assist the organization in the entire process.

When searching for ISO certification agencies, hundreds of results pop up in the search result and it seems difficult to choose the best one. Based on various studies and feedback from already certified businesses, apart from the cost part, the following nine tips can ease up the selection process.

Tips to Choose the Most Suitable ISO Certification Agency

  1. Agency with Industry Specialization: It is always important to check what kind of organizations the agency has assisted in ISO certification. Because the consultants of the certification agency must be aware of the industry processes to run you through the compliance process and even able to suggest easily executable changes.
  2. Ample Years of Experience: Experience of the ISO certification agency or the consultants associated is another key requirement. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on any valuable insights or areas of change for getting the ISO certificate. So, it’s always suggested to ask for the consultants’ profiles before signing the contract.
  3. Agency with ISO Accreditation:You need to check whether the certification agency has the license or necessary accreditation from the ISO authorized body to help you with the certification process.
  4. Audit Expansion: Check with the agency that they don’t just provide an one-time assistance in the ISO certification process. Because today your organization is ISO 9001:2008 certified and next year you might want to go for ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 22301 implementation. So, the processes of your organizations need to be aligned from the beginning to adhere to the core ISO principles or else, it would be starting from the scratch every time.
  5. Local Presence: The overhead cost associated with the consultants’ inter-continent travel if the certification agency does not have a local presence. Without local presence, the certification process can also take more time than expected as the process involves periodic evaluation and implementation.
  6. Communication:The communication language is crucial to stay on page with the process progress. Even though you can always take the help of translators, still things are easy to comprehend for your staff and management team if the certification body communicate in the same language that you use for official communication.
  7. Cultural Fit: Though many businesses are free from the regional bias and this might not be a necessary yard stick, still it’s good if the certification agency is not biased with any cultural inclination. At the same time, it’s also important to check that the consultants of the agency are accommodative of your staff’s feelings and customs for a smooth implementation of the prescribed regulations.
  8. Training and Documentation: The certification agency must mention the training and documentation assistance in their scope of service. This is necessary for your staff to maintain the organizational system in compliance with ISO regulations.
  9. Agency with Good Reputation: For an organization, showcasing the ISO certification can fetch more number of high-value projects. So, why not getting it done through a reputed certification agency with great feedbacks from other organizations. This has two benefits – the certificate as well as showcasing that the certification is from a known body.

Many start-ups, mid-size businesses, and small organizations usually look for an ISO certification agency that is asking the least price. When cost is one of the natural pointers for deciding on the certification agency, there are more important aspects to look for as discussed above. In the longer run, ISO certification will give your business the much expected dividends, so it’s wise to choose the certification assistance body after careful evaluation.

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