ISO 14001 Standard Implementation by Reach ISO

ISO 14001 Standard Implementation by Reach ISO

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October 02, 2019

Reach ISO Implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard for a Renowned Saud Arabian Firm

Our Client – Saudi Arabian Multi Functionary Business Consulting Firm

The client is a visionary business consulting company based out of the Saud Arabian region. With a legacy in trading and the stock market, over the years the client has successfully ventured into many other business areas. As the client’s company has a clear understanding of the Saud Arabian market, they have been helping businesses and partners with crucial business information for sustainable financial growth as a joint venture or otherwise.

The client’s company has a clear motto of consistently delivering quality work to customers through innovative technologies and solutions. Having strong technical expertise, great network of business relationships, and a vast range of high-quality products and services, the client is a popular name for their strong adherence to ethical practices and customer-centric approach.

Requirements to Evaluate Existing Systems and Implement ISO 14001 Standard Appropriately

Before approaching Reach ISO, the client had implemented ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with lots of irregularities in the system which was affecting their overall performance. This was the reason, the client wanted us to perform a thorough audit and re-implement the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Standard appropriately.

On conducting the initial gap analysis, the ISO consultants at Reach ISO found out numerous flaws, unwanted documentation, and practices in the client’s system. This was an example of how a poorly implemented Management System hampers the productivity of an organization. Now the challenge before our ISO consultants was to start everything fresh by unlearning a lot of the poorly implemented practices from the system in the client’s organization. As it’s easy to learn than to unlearn something at an organizational level, the Reach ISO team brainstormed each and every aspect of it before taking the first step.

Brief Outline of Our ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Implementation Process

After going through the client’s operations, management practices, and delivery system Reach ISO’s consulting team developed a process map to implement the ISO standards:

  1. In a move to unlearn the defective practices, our team identified the most affected processes. The team conducted a special awareness training program and implemented a very neutral process temporarily to corroborate the improvements attained.
  2. As the neutral process and its results gave us sufficient data to validate our brief gap analysis, we initiated implementing the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 appropriately.
  3. The implementation process included an improved and customized Environmental Aspect and Impact Management, Occupational Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Determining Controls.
  4. After implementing the standards, we conducted a detailed review and found considerable improvements over the neutral process implemented earlier.

How the Client Overcome Poorly Implemented Standards with Reach ISO’s Assistance

This ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 implementation by Reach ISO demonstrated how an appropriately implemented management system always ensures improvement and breaks the myth which many organizations believe that implementing a management system can affect the performance and the overall efficiency of the organization. With Reach ISO’s assistance, the client achieved the following benefits:

  • Our client was able to drastically reduce its carbon footprint. Also, as a way of giving back to the environment a lot of environmental awareness activities were conducted by the client regularly, which eventually paid back them in terms of becoming a popular model organization. The client’s organization even received numerous honors and awards from its customers and other social bodies for being an environmentally friendly organization.
  • Implementing OHSAS appropriately also reduced the hazard incidents at the client’s place by 68%, and now the client is better equipped to handle any hazard scenarios. The work floor and manufacturing floors of their premises now reflect a much better working environment in terms of health and safety.