ISO 20000 Certification

As a leading ISO 20000 consultant in Bangalore, Reach ISO (An initiative of Blue Santos Pvt. Ltd.) offers ISO 20000 certification service for standardizing Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). We provide a holistic approach for organizations’ IT operations to ensemble admittance toward international quality standards. Our ISO/IEC 20000 certification assistance enables IT service providers as well as companies relying on IT services with IT service management best practices.

Now that every industry has adapted information technology as their main or only medium of operation, this has opened-up varied channels that pull through significant demands for an augmented IT service. At the same time, businesses need these services to be cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and consistent. To assist such aspirations, ISO 20000 levies necessary requisites for an optimally beneficial IT service management. Here comes the role of Reach ISO to evaluate your business, prepare its operations, implement the ISO suggestions, and get you certified.


Reach ISO's Offerings under ISO 20000 Certification Service

The certified team of ISO consultants at Reach ISO has thoroughly studied the ISO prescribed IT services management guidelines and designed detailed best practices, reference materials, and services to obtain ISO 20000 certification smoothly. Our ISO 20000 certification assistance service includes the following:

ISO 20000-1

Reach ISO consultants evaluate the physical systems and other instruments used in your IT departments and suggest you to update those with the required service management system requirements.

ISO 20000-2

We go through each and every application the organization’s IT departments are using and guide them on what applications to be used as per the Service Management Systems guidelines.

ISO 20000-3

Our consultants define the scope of the organization’s IT operations and make the IT executives understand about the applicability and conformity toward the prescribed ISO standard.

ISO 20000-4

The team of ISO consultants at Reach ISO assists the organization in developing a process assessment model and prepares detailed documentation adhering to the standard ISO policies.

ISO 20000-5

We help the IT department of organizations in preparing the required implementation plan for ISO/IEC 20000-1.

ISO 20000-9

After assisting in the development of the implementation plan and educating the IT executives, Reach ISO guides on the application of ISO/IEC 20000-1 to cloud services.

ISO 20000-10

We conduct training sessions for the IT staff and provide best practices reference documents on the ISO 20000 concepts and terminology.

ISO 20000-11

Our certified ISO consultants guide the IT departments on the relationship between ISO 20000-1:2011 and service management frameworks.

ISO 20000-6

2017: With our years of experience, we enable businesses in adhering to the necessary requirements of ISO 20000, help them during the audit process and obtain the certification of SMS.

Benefits of ISO 20000 Implementation by Reach ISO

Apart from the assistance of certified ISO consultants during and after the certification process, businesses can have numerous other benefits partnering with Reach ISO:

Assured to meet the customer requirements

Heightened reliability and quality of service.

Adoption of internationally accredited best practices in the industry.

Integration of people, processes, and technology to support business goals.

Improvement and maintenance of consistent levels of services.

Why to Partner with Reach ISO for ISO 20000 Certification

Currently, organizations seeking to get endorsed for the ISO 20000 certification, must fulfil the requirements as mentioned in the ISO/IEC 20000-2:2012. It is mandatory to demonstrate conformity with these requirements. But in order to accomplish it prudently, any concern would need a professional help from an authorized ISO 20000 Certification Company.

Reach ISO, being interconnected with various organizations across the country, provide proper and effective organizational welfare guidance. Our methodical approach toward the process of getting an IT concern certified is well-known for its ardency and efficaciousness. Beyond compliance, we also assist in the improvement of operations, performance, and consistent refinements. Therefore, with all those qualities, we are cherished to be one of the profound ISO 20000 Certification service providers in India. Accordingly, our operations include:

Analyzing and evaluating the process framework design and instructing the required amendments for demonstrating the conformity.

Expedient guide for suitable process deployment.

Performance evaluation of effectiveness and suggesting best corrective measures.

Assistance for preparing relevant documentation, based on the implemented changes, with appropriate evidence and proof of operation.

Periodical review of operations and services for maintaining the consistency.

On the whole, as a flexible ISO 20000 certification consultant, we facilitate organizations to meet the needs and also to comprehend various organizational process strengths and weaknesses. We provide a clear suggestion regarding the scope, risk management, and implementation for multifarious IT services.

Avail the Benefits of Obtaining ISO 20000 Certificate - Contact Reach ISO

Over the years, Reach ISO has been aimed at educating the clients about the ISO certification process and provides all possible assistance in getting certified. We assure best in the industry pricing and a transparent engagement model to obtain ISO 20000 certificate and staying compliant. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our business development manager will assist you with a customized action plan right away.