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Reach ISO, a division of Blue Santos Technologies is a renowned ISO 27001 certification consultant in Bangalore.

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ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

Reach ISO, a division of Blue Santos Technologies is a renowned ISO 27001 certification consultant in Bangalore. Been in the industry for more than a decade, Reach ISO is now an established and trusted ISO 27001 implementation partner of many businesses across the globe. We assist organizations in keeping their information assets secure by implementing the Information Security Management System (ISMS) jointly prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

One of the main challenges of running a business these days is the safe storage and management of voluminous data. This massive increase in digital data creates enormous risks.

iso 27001 certification

Controlling and protecting critical information from fraudsters and business-rivals is the righteous need of every organization. Reach ISO understands that information security has become a crucial affair today and helps businesses in mitigating security risks by ISO 27001 implementation assistance. Our ISO consultants assist in securing sensitive organizational information, via the acclaimed risk management framework of the ISO 27000 family.

ISO 27001 Certification Service by Reach ISO

Reach ISO helps businesses to attain the benefits, by transforming their existing systems, implement the recommended norms and staying compliant. Our certification services start right from the very first process of initiating the application with ISO 27001 certification registrars and comes together until the standardization is achieved and approved. Our mode of operation towards conformity is as follows.

Pre-Analysis and Data Acquisition

We thoroughly analyze the existing system so that we can completely understand all the complexities involved. Based on our professional analysis, we recommend the changes needed for enhancing the security of data for bringing it at par with the international standards – ready for the award of the ISO 27001 certification.

Risk Assessment

The consultants at Reach ISO identify the faulty system with the help of acquired data and analyze the potential threats. This is done by evaluating the vulnerability of the assets and its ability to fight against security risks.

Action Plan Development

Based on all the entities gathered, our consultants develop an unambiguous plan for the transformation of the system. The developed system is then put into constant analysis for ensuring compliance.


Demonstration of Conformity

Our expert professionals who have a vast experience in ISO 27001 certification, support integrating recognized international standards to our client organizations to enable them for the ISO 27001 certification.

Benefits of Implementation of ISO 27001 through Reach ISO

Business Persistence

Apart from attracting new business opportunities, the ISO 27001 appraisal ensures continued business from the already existing clients. Thereby, in this highly competitive business world, the client achieves an assured business persistence.

Reduced Business Risk

By adhering to the best information security practices in line with the standard international practices, the risk of termination of a project or operation is comprehensively taken care of.

Maximized ROI

Our certified ISO consultants provide detailed guidance for post-ISMS standardization through ISO 27001 certification and the clients are benefitted with a higher return on investment (ROI) in a considerably shorter span.

Why to partner with Reach ISO for ISO 27001 certification

Being an ISMS certified enterprise can extensively encourage the business growth of an organization. Apart from bringing in a hope of enhanced information security, Reach ISO is a trusted ISO 27001 certification service provider that also helps clients to incorporate various advantageous commercial effects. Relatively, the foremost benefit is inducing a cogent sense of the credibility of the company, from its stakeholders and customers. Hence, it can potentially attract new projects with exponential benefits in the longer run. Reach ISO offers hassle-free support for enterprises in attaining the certification.

It focuses mainly on three critical aspects of the information system:

  • Confidentiality of informational assets
  • Integrity in accessing the assets
  • Shrewd and appropriate availability of it
iso 27001 certification in bangalore

Become an ISO 27001 Certified with Reach ISO

Reach ISO not only helps businesses obtain the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, but also assist implementing the ISO prescribed security measures for data protection against system hacks, cyber-attacks, and data theft in varied sectors, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Software, and Development, etc. To know more about our offerings and get started with your requirements, contact us today.

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