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ISO Certified Chennai House Is India’s First to Get ISO 9000 Appraisal

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October 02, 2019

ISO 9000 Certified Household – Surprised? This news certainly raises eyebrows, but it’s entirely true. Surana family’s house in Chennai is the first household to achieve ISO 9000 appraisal in India. We have heard of organizations and businesses to obtain ISO certification which sounds normal and there is performance as well as business needs associated with it. Tough a household achieving ISO appraisal seems new and not so needed; it must have required a lot of process adherence hard work.

What Do We Mean by ISO 9000 Certification?

ISO 9000 is a set of defined guidelines or management practices prescribed by an international governing body – the International Standards Organization (ISO). These guidelines aim at enabling businesses to fulfil the basic requirements of customers and other stakeholders while addressing the legal and regulatory requirements related to the organizations’ products and services. ISO 9000 standard works around the basic principles of quality management standards and is the basis of the seven management principles that constitute the family of ISO standards. Another interesting fact about these ISO principles is that these can be applied to any organization or business irrespective of their size and area of operation.

Surana Family Home in Chennai and ISO 9000 Appraisal

As the first in India and the only house to become ISO certified, the Surana family’s Chennai house has gone through the stringent ISO appraisal process to acquire an ISO 9000 certification. Interestingly, all the household members in Surana house are lawyers, including the grandfather Mr. PS Surana and his wife Mrs. Leelavathi, son Mr. Vinod, and daughter-in-law Mrs. Rashmi. It was way back in 2004 while working on obtaining the ISO appraisal for their family law firm, Surana and Surana, the idea first struck the family.

Operational Structure of Surana Family Home

As per the operational structure, in the ISO certified Surana house, the grandfather has been designated as the ‘household head.’ Similarly, the grandmother has been designated as the ‘household representative,’ whereas the mother is the ‘management representative,’ and all the other family members are the ‘permanent customers.’

All the guests visiting Surana house are treated as ‘temporary customers’ and are given customer feedback forms in which the guests need to fill in their earnest opinion in terms of their satisfaction level about the food and hospitality. Even the holidays are not in the exceptional list and the quality control is followed regarding the packing as well as the itinerary management. However, the process rules are a little relaxed when on holiday. These entire operations are audited by a member of the ISO team every six months. The auditor inspects the quality control process by interviewing everyone.

ISO 9000 Appraisal Awareness and Organizational Benefits

The large enterprises always have more hold in the market. However, ISO certification can not only refine a small or mid-size organization’s performance and production process but also can add an advantage of presenting the business to the bigger and wider market. Moreover, with enormous organizational benefits including increased customer reach and eligibility for government tenders, when households have become ISO certified, it’s obviously a must for any business.