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Reach ISO is one of the prominent ISO consultants in Bangalore that assists organizations in becoming ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is one of the globally acclaimed international standards prescribed by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It principally concentrates on adopting amenable Quality Management System (QMS) in an organization to provide quality services and products that consistently meet customer needs as well as the regulatory requirements.

As an experienced ISO consultant, Reach ISO understands the importance of international regulations and suggest every purchaser demand the certification from their suppliers. At the same time, ISO 9001 certification service by Reach ISO helps businesses staying compliant to the applicable statutory regulations and reap exponential benefits of operational and financial improvements

Reach ISO’s Offerings Under ISO 9001 Certification Service

We render a constructive and customized support to every organization in the process of achieving the ISO certification, for:

Incorporating a Strong Commitment toward the Best Industry-Respected QMS Principles.

Getting the Transformed Quality Management System, Recognized Globally.

Sustaining Competitive Model In The Industry.

Exploring New Prospective Business Opportunities.

Pursuing Assured Financial Progress.

While there are several ISO standards, focusing varied aptitudes, Reach ISO’s ISO 9001 implementation serves as basic lineament applicative to all the others. Apart from complying with the ISO 9001standard, we assist businesses having a great foundation for successful implementation of various other management standards.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Implementation by Reach ISO

Reach ISO’s ISO 9001 implementation helps in obtaining a state of ascertainable importance in the sector of quality management control and generates innumerable benefits to the businesses irrespective of industry verticals. In the process of attaining conformity for the certification, the ISO consultants at Reach ISO first identify the avenues for performance efficiency and cost saving scopes. This vital information, in turn, helps in minimizing the errors as well as the need for re-works by developing and enrolling better process flow. The potential benefits include:

Estimating Evidence for Effective Decision-making

To achieve evidence-based decision making, we define and streamline a method to overcome any kind of performance issues. Reach ISO implements systematic process flows and ISO policies to shrewdly identify the cause and origin of an issue. This helps in streamlining decision-making based on respective evidence.

Sustainable Business Growth

Implementing ISO 9001 certification by Reach ISO ensures continual QMS improvement by adapting to the ideal regulatory principles of applying a consistent improvement plan in the organization. With this, we help organizations achieve prolonged benefits by sustaining the improvements year-after-year.

Improved Employee Engagement

We evaluate the employee strength and status in the organization to suggest necessary changes to the engagement model for improved productivity. The standardization engages the employees toward the continual improvement plans, helping them to stay engaged and productive.

Why to Approach Reach ISO for ISO 9001 Implementation

Organizations looking for ISO 9001 certification basically look for certain predominant aspects to be implemented during the formal audit. When collaborated with Reach ISO, an organization can adopt protracted behaviours that facilitate in furnishing the conformity of the standard. Our contribution to prepare you and get you certified includes but not limited to the following:

Identifying the necessary requirements and their application.

Prioritizing the requirements and proposing notions to enact them.

Defining objectives and procedures to accommodate them.

Carve respective documentations.

Ensuring the applicability through pseudo audits.

Demonstrating the conformity with formal audit and acquiring certification.

Contact Reach ISO for Seamless and Cost-effective ISO 9001 Certification

Being one of the trusted ISO 9001 certification consultants in Bangalore, we just don’t endeavour for procuring the certification; but also ensures that the benefits obtained through the ISO compliance is sustained and remains productive, in practicality. To obtain our ISO 9001 certification service at an unmatched price, contact our experienced consultants today.

Reach ISO offers ISO 14001 certification service among its wide spectrum of management consulting solutions. As a highly experienced ISO consultant in Bangalore, we help organizations in reducing insidious environmental impacts out of their operations by implementing the international standard of ISO 14001.

Reach ISO is an accredited certification service provider for various internationally authorized ISO standardizations including the prestigious ISO 14001. With prudent endeavours in the sector for over 10 long years, we work with companies from all sectors, regardless of their size, complexity, and services. In the process of assisting businesses obtaining ISO 14001 certificate, Reach ISO audits and ensures that an organization’s framework demonstrates a standardized commitment toward environmental safety.

ISO 14001 Certification Service from Reach ISO

Defining a set of indispensable requirements, we empower organizations to implement ISO 14001. With our simple and step-wise process, organizations integrate the prescribed policies and become committed to varied environmental responsibilities associated with resource sustainability, climate change, pollution prevention, and minimization of negative environmental impacts. With a team of certified ISO consultants, we plan for our clients in staying compliant to the ISO 14001 standard by demonstrating the responsibility toward the environmental impacts. We assure our clients’ preparedness for the certification appraisal with the following:

Removing all the harmful effects on the environment by the organization’s operations.

Providing a plan of action and realistic milestone details for continual improvement of the environmental management.

Advantages of Availing Reach ISO's ISO 14001 Certification Assistance

Besides, an organization that acquires the ISO 14001 certificate, Reach ISO’s assistance fetch them numerous other end benefits, such as:

Improved resource efficiency and reduced wastes.

Fulfilling legal regulatory objectives and other environment-oriented demands of a demography.

New business opportunities, as credibility from stakeholders and consumers for mineralized environmental impact, is established.

The gain of a competitive advantage over the environmental performance throughout the supply chain.

Our ISO 14001 Implementation Process

Environmental management certification services we render ensures an organization to meet the exact requirements, put out by the certification bodies that measures the conformity. Our ISO implementation process includes:

Determining Environmental Issues

We examine each process of the firm carefully and appraise on how its processes interact with the environment. With this analysis, we determine the environmental issues connected with the business.


After the environmental issues are deduced, Reach ISO initiates the process of determining the competence over the standard. We then identify the aspects in which the firm falls back by putting them against the requirements.

Operational Control

As the environmental aspects and impacts are derived, our ISO consultants develop suitable operating criteria for the firm and help them implemented.

Monitoring and Measurement

After all the mentioned proceedings are concluded precisely, our proficient auditors review the output of each process. Our experienced auditors carry out a thorough audit and address even the smallest compliance issues that should be aligned with the standard.

Corrective Action

If our auditors incur any issues in the latter process, in regards to standard of Environmental Management System Certification, an update or a change of process is developed and adopted as a corrective measure. This set of exercise is repeated until the compliance is assured.

Contact Reach ISO to Avail Customized Assistance

With Reach ISO by your side, the essential lineaments to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 certification is approached seamlessly. Using ideal ISO practices and principles to satisfy our clients’ needs, we not only assess how well the organization meets all these requirements; but also put forward a detailed report, illustrating the way the organization’s process performs post certification. To learn more about our certification assistance process and have a detailed discussion with our ISO consultants, contact us today.

As a leading ISO consultant in Bangalore, Reach ISO (An initiative of Blue Santos Pvt. Ltd.) offers ISO 20000 certification service for standardizing Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). We provide a holistic approach for organizations’ IT operations to ensemble admittance toward the international quality standards. Our ISO/IEC 20000 certification assistance enables IT service providers as well as companies relying on IT services with IT service management best practices.

Now that every industry has adapted information technology as their main or only medium of operation, this has opened-up varied channels that pull through significant demands for an augmented IT service. At the same time, businesses need these services to be cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and consistent. To assist such aspirations, ISO 20000 levies necessary requisites for an optimally beneficial IT service management. Here comes the role of Reach ISO to evaluate your business, prepare its operations, implement the ISO suggestions, and get you certified.

Reach ISO's Offerings under ISO 20000 Certification Service

The certified team of ISO consultants at Reach ISO has thoroughly studied the ISO prescribed IT services management guidelines and designed detailed best practices, reference materials, and services to obtain ISO 20000 certification smoothly. Our ISO 20000 certification assistance service includes the following:

ISO 20000-1

Reach ISO consultants evaluate the physical systems and other instruments used in your IT departments and suggest you to update those with the required service management system requirements.

ISO 20000-2

We go through each and every application the organization’s IT departments are using and guide them on what applications to be used as per the Service Management Systems guidelines.

ISO 20000-3

Our consultants define the scope of the organization’s IT operations and make the IT executives understand about the applicability and conformity toward the prescribed ISO standard.

ISO 20000-4

The team of ISO consultants at Reach ISO assists the organization in developing a process assessment model and prepares detailed documentation adhering to the standard ISO policies.

ISO 20000-5

We help the IT department of organizations in preparing the required implementation plan for ISO/IEC 20000-1.

ISO 20000-9

After assisting in the development of the implementation plan and educating the IT executives, Reach ISO guides on the application of ISO/IEC 20000-1 to cloud services.

ISO 20000-10

We conduct training sessions for the IT staff and provide best practices reference documents on the ISO 20000 concepts and terminology.

ISO 20000-11

Our certified ISO consultants guide the IT departments on the relationship between ISO 20000-1:2011 and service management frameworks.

ISO 20000-6

2017: With our years of experience, we enable businesses in adhering to the necessary requirements of ISO 20000, help them during the audit process and obtain the certification of SMS.

Benefits of ISO 20000 Implementation by Reach ISO

Apart from the assistance of certified ISO consultants during and after the certification process, businesses can have numerous other benefits partnering with Reach ISO:

Assured to meet the customer requirements

Heightened reliability and quality of service.

Adoption of internationally accredited best practices in the industry.

Integration of people, processes, and technology to support business goals.

Improvement and maintenance of consistent levels of services.

Why to Partner with Reach ISO for ISO 20000 Certification

Currently, organizations seeking to get endorsed for the ISO 20000 certification, must fulfil the requirements as mentioned in the ISO/IEC 20000-2:2012. It is mandatory to demonstrate conformity with these requirements. But in order to accomplish it prudently, any concern would need a professional help from an authorized ISO 20000 Certification Company.

Reach ISO, being interconnected with various organizations across the country, provide proper and effective organizational welfare guidance. Our methodical approach toward the process of getting an IT concern certified is well-known for its ardency and efficaciousness. Beyond compliance, we also assist in the improvement of operations, performance, and consistent refinements. Therefore, with all those qualities, we are cherished to be one of the profound ISO 20000 Certification service providers in India. Accordingly, our operations include:

Analyzing and evaluating the process framework design and instructing the required amendments for demonstrating the conformity.

Expedient guide for suitable process deployment.

Performance evaluation of effectiveness and suggesting best corrective measures.

Assistance for preparing relevant documentation, based on the implemented changes, with appropriate evidence and proof of operation.

Periodical review of operations and services for maintaining the consistency.

On the whole, as a flexible ISO 20000 certification consultant, we facilitate organizations to meet the needs and also to comprehend various organizational process strengths and weaknesses. We provide a clear suggestion regarding the scope, risk management, and implementation for multifarious IT services.

Avail the Benefits of Obtaining ISO 20000 Certificate - Contact Reach ISO

Over the years, Reach ISO has been aimed at educating the clients about the ISO certification process and provides all possible assistance in getting certified. We assure best in the industry pricing and a transparent engagement model to obtain ISO 20000 certificate and staying compliant. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our business development manager will assist you with a customized action plan right away.

Food Safety Management System

As a popular ISO 22000 Certification service provider in Bangalore, Reach ISO has been spreading the compliance benefits of food safety management for years. Boundaries of food market have become wider and wider over the years and have been reaching customers around the world across national borders. As unsafe and unhygienic food can have serious consequences, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has prescribed stringent food safety management guidelines and Reach ISO offers to assist organizations in adhering to these regulations.

ISO 22000 food safety management system is one among the extensive list of standards recognized by national standardization bodies from all the countries. Consultants at Reach ISO help organizations in adapting to this internationally accredited ISO standard, focusing on food safety. Our consultants prepare food manufacturers and suppliers in becoming compliant to these international regulations and contribute to ensuring the eradication of food safety hazards at all levels of the food supply chain. We also provide comprehensive support towards obtaining the ISO 22000 certification irrespective of the scale or scope of the business, ranging from established brands to aspiring start-ups.

Reach ISO's Offerings under ISO 22000 Certification Service

Reach ISO’s ISO 22000 services assists organizations in following an effective, proficient, and generic preventative actions that are identified and regulated by recognized food safety and quality authorities. Our consultants help in aligning the operational process of food organizations so that they achieve the food safety management system certification by smoothly following the food hygiene principles. Following are some of our offerings under the umbrella of ISO 22000 certification assistance:

Assistance with Primary Production

Our highly experienced consultants make your production facility follow the production best practices and ensure environmental hygiene by hygienic production, transportation, and storage of food sources.

Optimizing Design and Facility

We help your business ensuring food safety in terms of location of the facility, usage of authorized room layouts and equipment. We also enable businesses in enabling hygiene in facilities like water, drainage, waste disposal, etc.

Controlling Operations

We check the potential sources of contamination, such as time, temperature, etc from the surroundings and operations by verifying all incoming materials.

Maintenance and Sanitation

We verify cleaning methods and procedures and monitor the sanitation maintenance process in place through periodic audits and microbial samplings.

Suggestion on Personal Hygiene

We ensure the personal health status of employees, their clothing, and personal behaviour, such as sneezing, smoking, and chewing, etc. by suggesting appropriate hygiene processes.

Streamlining Transport

The experienced ISO consultants at Reach ISO covers the design of conveyances and bulk containers and certifies their usage and maintenance by streamlining the transport operations.

Product Information

Reach ISO enables clients in interposing a significant emphasis on transparent product information as it deals with consumers’ hygiene, nutrition and the product safety.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Implementation by Reach ISO

Reach ISO’s ISO 22000 certification assistance service emphasizes on the continual improvement of food safety management systems. So, when a client is analyzed and deduced to be pertinent for the certification, we help them implement the prescribed prevention and elimination measures regarding the potential food safety hazards.

At Reach ISO, our eminent legal auditors and food safety experts guide an organization throughout the certification process. Apart from the ISO certification and food hazard free production and packaging environment, our clients can ultimately attract stakeholders, retailers, customers and consumers, coping-up better business opportunities.

Why Reach ISO for ISO 22000 Certification

Unlike most other ISO 22000 certification consultants, Reach ISO focuses on our solicitous strategy that ensures positive outcomes, by sustaining the compliance throughout the life of the client’s organization. Thus, our endeavours render greatly prolonging benefits, such as:

Incorporation of internationally recognized standards to your business.

Increased credibility from suppliers and stakeholders, in terms of hazard control.

Assured control at all stages of the food supply chain and food safety hazards prevention.

Take the Assistance of Reach ISO to Become ISO 22000 Certified

With years of industry presence and addressing unique challenges of clients, Reach ISO has all the skill sets to assist you in your goal of obtaining ISO 22000 certification. Moreover, Reach ISO’s strong adherence to quality and international regulations, we implement practices that not only enable our clients to get the certification, but also bring in positive operational changes. Along with expert consultants, strict timelines, and 100 percent assurance of being ISO compliant, Reach ISO’s pricing for the service is unmatched in the industry. To learn more about our engagement model and to discuss your requirements with our experienced ISO consultants, contact us today.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification

Reach ISO, a division of Blue Santos Technologies is a renowned ISO 27001 certification consultant in Bangalore. Been in the industry for a decade now, Reach ISO has been a trusted ISO 27001 implementation partner of many businesses across the globe. We assist organizations in keeping their information assets secure by implementing the Information Security Management System (ISMS) jointly prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

These days, companies invariably deal with storing and managing voluminous data. With the increase in data volume, enormous amount of risk has been associated in controlling and protecting critical business information. Reach ISO understands that information security has become a crucial affair today and helps businesses in mitigating security risks by ISO 27001 implementation assistance. Our ISO consultants assist in securing sensitive organizational information, via the acclaimed risk management framework of ISO 27000 families.

ISO 27001 Certification Service from Reach ISO

Reach ISO helps organizations to attain all those benefits, by transforming their existing systems, implementing the recommended norms and staying compliant. Our certification services, start right from the very first process of initiating the application with ISO 27001 certification registrars and comes together until the standardization is achieved and approved. Our mode of operation towards the conformity is as follows.

Pre-Analysis and Data Acquisition

We analyze every bit of the current system and understand that completely. After that, we collect all the relevant data coming under the standard’s scope and document those.

Risk Assessment

The consultants at Reach ISO identify the faulty system with the help of acquired data and analyze the potential threats. This is done by evaluating the vulnerability of the assets and its ability to fight against security risks.

Action Plan Development

Based on all the entities gathered, our consultants develop an unambiguous plan for the transformation of the system. The developed system is then put into constant analysis for ensuring compliance.

Demonstration of Conformity

Being an experienced ISO 27001 certification consultant, we support in integrating the standard and help the client’s organization obtain the certification.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Implementation by Reach ISO

ISO 27001 implementation by Reach ISO has several benefits:

Business Persistence

Apart from attracting new business opportunities, the ISO 27001 appraisal ensures continued business from the already existing clients. Thereby, in this highly competitive business world, the client achieves an assured business persistence.

Reduced Business Risk

By adhering to the best information security practices in line with the standard international practices, the risk of termination of a project or operation is comprehensively alleviated.

Maximized ROI

Our certified ISO consultants provide detailed guidance for post-ISMS standardization through ISO 27001 certification and the clients are benefitted with a higher return on investment (ROI) in a considerably shorter span.

Why to Partner with Reach ISO for ISO 27001 Certification

Being ISMS certified enterprise can extensively encourage the business growth of an organization. Accounting it, apart from bringing in a hope of enhanced information security, Reach ISO as a trusted ISO 27001 certification service provider, also helps clients to incorporate various advantageous commercial effects. Relatively, the foremost benefit is inducing a cogent sense of credibility on the company, from its stakeholders and customers. Hence, it can potentially attract new projects with exponential benefits in the longer run. Reach ISO offers a hassle-free support for enterprises in attaining the certification. It focuses mainly on three critical aspects of the information system:

Confidentiality of informational assets.

Integrity in accessing the assets.

Shrewd and appropriate availability of it.

Become ISO 27001 Certified with Reach ISO

Reach ISO not only helps businesses obtain the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, but also assist implementing the ISO prescribed security measures for data protection against system hacks, cyber-attacks, and data theft in varied sectors, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Software, and Development, etc. To know more about our offerings and get started with your requirements, contact us today.

ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification Assistance Service

ISO 31000 is an industrious risk management standard, conceived and enunciated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It, in turn, includes a family of standards within that aids in the risk management of a company or industry. Accordingly, it provides principles and guidelines, helping an organization with efficient risk analysis and risk assessment procedures. Reach ISO has conceptualized the risk management principles into easily consumable regulations so that organizations can smoothly implement the ISO regulations.

Customized ISO 31000 Certification Assistance Service from Reach ISO

Reach ISO has divided its ISO certification assistance service into a systematic stepwise process. This certification assistance process assists our clients in getting ready for the certification audit by implementing the ISO prescribed changes before applying for the Key pointers of Reach ISO’s ISO 31000 assistance services includes the following:

Existing System Analysis

Our consultants visit the client facility and perform an in-depth analysis of the existing system to suggest the necessary changes. This will help prepare the clients in getting ready for the certification process.

Change Implementation

After finding out the problem areas, Reach ISO helps in implementing the changes so that the client’s systems adhere to the prescribed ISO risk management guidelines.

Certification Assistance and Training

Once the client is ready, our experienced consultants assist in applying for the ISO 31000 certification appraisal process. Also, during and post-certification, Reach ISO trains the client’s employees to maintain the system as per the ISO regulations.

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Additional standards included in Reach ISO's certification assistance service:

ISO Guide 73:2009 – Risk Management

This included a vocabulary consisting of the terms and definitions relating to the management of risk and Reach ISO helps the clients in getting acquainted with all these by implementing the regulations as suggested.

ISO 31010:2009 Risk Management:

Reach ISO documents the suggestions included in ISO 31010:2009 risk assessment techniques and assists the top management in taking the right business decisions by understanding the risk elements in achieving the company’s business objectives.

Benefits of ISO 31000 Implementation by Reach ISO

Being an experienced ISO consultant in Bangalore, Reach ISO provides the necessary assistance to implement the ISO 31000 guidelines at any public, private, group or individual enterprises. Our consultants help the client’s organization not only in gaining the certificate, but also streamlining their process irrespective of the scope, sector, or business vertical. Also, we assist clients in applying the risk management principles in every operation of an organization, including planning strategies, decision making, operations, process, functions, projects, products and services. With Reach ISO, some of the benefits of ISO 31000 are:

Intensified overture upon thorough risk analysis, facilitating minimized losses.

Improved performance and financial reporting.

Optimized governance and organizational resilience.

Reinforced operational efficiency and organizational learning.

Why to Partner with Reach ISO for ISO 31000 Certification

Risks can create a great impact on an organization in terms of safety, performance and even its reputation. In fact, they directly relate to the operations, tactics, and strategies in the system. Directionally, a proper risk management acquires a major part in the attempts to envisage the strategic control of any organization. It is a process methodology, used to address the risks associated with the implementation of every activity. Hence, a successful risk management helps in an organized expedition towards achieving desired goals.

Reach ISO’s rationalized stance draws a detailed assessment of a concern’s projects, functions, and processes, relating to the norms. Thereby, required improvements and alterations in the throughputs are finalized, developing a shrewd conformity. Reach ISO is one of the very few ISO 31000 certification consultants in India that understands the standards profoundly. On that basis, we not only suggest necessary implication methods towards the certification; but also help in understanding the complete cycle of the process for future endeavours.

Thus, acting as a prodigious ISO 31000 certification Company, we guide organizations to implement prominent risk management plans and frameworks, aligning to the specified set of standards. Conclusively, organizations can adopt competent risk management practices for effective management and corporate governance. Some of the benefits of partnering with Reach ISO include:

100 percent information security and confidentiality.

Transparent process and SLA adherence.

Certified consultants and best in the industry pricing.

Contact Reach ISO for ISO 31000 Certification

Companies striving for taking over the privilege of being certified with the international standard with a proper support of an ardent ISO 31000 accreditation agencies can benefit from Reach ISO’s structured assistance in India and abroad. With a stringent process of ISO certification assistance, Reach ISO’s services are literally unmatched. To know more about how Reach ISO approaches to ISO 31000 certification, the timelines, and pricing structure, contact us today.