• Pre-evaluation
    We assess your present organizational management system based on the standard(s) opted. Upon which we determine the exact efforts needed to reach compliance with the standard, this will include a very operative schedule with a series of objectives.

  • Awareness
    A brief interactive session with the general staff to create awareness of Management System Certification, this is to ensure the full cooperation of the entire organization during the implementation. It would also greatly benefit the organization’s morale and its commitment towards advancement.

  • Implementation
    Based on the Pre Evaluation reports, the action items are categorized & worked upon to close the gaps, these include a tailored set of mandatory documents, records, manuals, policies, & templates. These documents are tried and tested and further developed to seamlessly work for your organization.


  • Best practices
    These are value-added suggestions (not a management system requirement) based on our experience over the years, assured to improve various aspects of your organization.


  • ISO internal auditor training
    A critical half-day training for the select staff of your organization to create a strong independent internal team, which will eliminate the dependence of a consultant in the long run.

  • Implementation review & Self Evaluation
    The action items of implementation thus far are reviewed to check status & make any change in the actions if required. Conducting Internal audit via the trained internal auditors on the management system, further based on the findings during internal audit, Management Review Meeting (MRM) to be conducted to discuss on the corrective & preventive actions (CAPA) for the non-conformances or observations made.


  • Amendments & Conclusion
    The penultimate stage of certification, we review the entire management system to ensure the organization’s readiness before the final certification audit. This process is very stringent and is designed so that we ensure there can be no flaws in the management system.


  • Certification audit
    The external / certification audit to be conducted by the Lead auditor from the certification body. This audit will have 2 stages depending on the standard; we will stand by & assist during the certification audit.