OHSAS 18001 is an international standard that provides a framework to ensure a maximized workplace safety, in an organization. It is primarily intended to endorse a business to have put a commendable health and safety measures into action. ReachISO is an accredited OHSAS 18001 certification agency India; which provides productive consultation and inspection services for an effective implementation of the operational health and safety standards.

People who work within and around the premises can be sure of their safety; when an optimum occupational health and safety management system is implemented, as suggested by the OHSAS 18001. The advantages a company can achieve through the standardization are:

  • Assured safety of employees, subcontractors, and general public
    Minimalized workplace hazards and accidents
  • Enhanced employee motivation and a disciplined attitude amongst them
  • Improved risk management
  • Comprehensive incident investigation process

Thus, as summed-up, these are the benefits, an organization could achieve when normed with the help of an OHSAS 18001 certification consultant India. Whereas, at the same time, it also envisions to fetch better reputation and prospects to the business. Yes, a well-established risk management and well-behaved work culture; proves that the business wears a robust production process and ability to resume the process soon, after an undesired incident/accident. These factors ultimately attract the customers and stakeholders, cobbling better business opportunities.

ReachISO is one of the prominent OHSAS 18001 certification companies India. Working with us for acquiring the standard, renders various advantages, which paves way for an imminent growth for a business. Our regulated sequence of actions towards applying and demonstrating conformity for the OH & S system is extensive and distinguished. It devises a shrewd routine, which also guarantees a substantial return for the operation, employees, and investment. Accordingly, the routine comprises five stages, as follows:

Stage 1: Evaluation

Initially, a deep analysis is done, on the occupational health and safety management system, which is followed currently. Then a comparative examination is fostered, towards evaluating the compliance.

Stage 2: Implementation

Based on the evaluation, necessary changes are made in the system in accordance to what the regulatory has suggested. The changes are re-examined and documented, which will be finally submitted to the management, before further progress.

Stage 3: Proposing Certification

It involves in applying for the certification. Once the changes are reviewed and final corrective actions are implemented and documented, it will be then forwarded to the certification process.

Stage 4: Certification

At this stage, an independent and nonbiased board, will analyze the documented operational health and security system that is adopted. After a detailed examination, the conformity for the standard is approved on a successful scenario; and the certification is awarded..

Stage 5: Maintenance

Being a conspicuous OHSAS 18001 certification service provider India; we strive hard to ensure that the system is consistently improved and maintained, which is formulated indigenously for every business we work with.