PCI DSS Certification

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance

If your organization is looking for a reliable PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) or want to obtain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certification, Reach ISO can help you out. Reach ISO is a subsidiary of Blue Santos Technologies Pvt. Ltd and has been operating as a PCI DSS certification facilitator since its inception. With a wealth of knowledge on PCI compliance responsibilities and support from a team of certified consultants, we have successfully assisted many companies in obtaining PCI standard compliance certification in the recent past.

As online presence and online financial transactions have become an integral part of businesses, a payment card security mandate has come up to secure customers’ payment information. According to this business mandate, any organization accepting, storing, processing, or transmitting credit card information must have a secure transaction environment in place. If you want to know more the compliance process, contact Reach ISO today.

PCI DSS Compliance Assistance Service from Reach ISO

Our PCI DSS assistance service to make businesses compliant to PCI DSS includes but not limited to the following:

  • PCI Vulnerability Scanning: Reach ISO helps clients in adhering to the PCI standard 11.2 which includes internal network vulnerability scanning and external network vulnerability scanning in every quarter and after any major modifications to the organization’s network.
  • PCI Network Security Testing: Our PCI security experts assist businesses in performing internal and external network penetration testing minimum once in every year and after any change, upgrade, or modification in applications or infrastructure. We also help you stay compliant to the wireless penetration test guidelines suggested under the PCI standard 11.3.
  • PCI Compliance and Code Review: We ensure that all your application codes are thoroughly reviewed before its release to the production bed or your end customers. Our team of experts makes sure that your custom codes are free from any potential security vulnerability and comply with PCI guideline under 6.3.7.
  • Access Control and Access Point Review: Reach ISO guides you in staying compliant to the PCI requirement 1.1.7 which includes scanning and review of all routers, firewalls and switches in every six months. We also assist you in staying compliant to wireless scanning requirements by reviewing the authorized and unauthorized access points.
  • Configuration Scanning and Review: We help you plan, review, monitor, and document all security configuration settings so that you can adhere to the PCI guidelines under section 2.2.3a. We assist you in preparing a detailed checklist and evaluating all security protocols, services, and daemons, etc.
  • Security Maintenance Training: As per the PCI 6.5a guidelines, every organization needs to evaluate and form a process to train developers regarding secure coding techniques. Reach ISO’s experienced PCI consultants assist in preparing training documents based on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guide.
  • PCI Log Review: Reach ISO also helps organizations in tracking and monitoring PCI security logs and suggesting changes. We help with categorization of issues, pre-defined report templates, and active incident management suggestions, etc.

Benefits of PCI DSS Implementation Assistance from Reach ISO

Reach ISO has a clear understanding of the PCI DSS regulations prescribed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and assists organizations irrespective of their size and scale, or number of transactions. Following are some of the benefits that Reach ISO brings to your business:

  • Customized Implementations of Security Controls: We evaluate your existing systems and plan a smooth transition to implement the security changes and ultimately make you obtain the PCI DSS certificate.
  • Service Expansion: With Reach ISO’s assistance, you will be able to optimize the mode of your financial transactions and expand your services by joining hands with all major payment brands (Master Card, Visa, American Express, etc.).
  • Global Recognition: With our PCI DSS compliance assistance, you will obtain the compliance certificate which will gain you a remarkable reorganization in the global market place.
  • Staying Ahead in Competition: What could be better than staying ahead of arch rivals? As we help you become a secure PCI DSS compliant business, you will exponentially gain in customer base ahead of your competitors.

Why to Partner with Reach ISO for PCI DSS Certification

As a leading quality and compliance consultant based in Bangalore, Reach ISO has been a name for transparent process, 100% confidentiality adherence, and the most competitive pricing in the industry. We have simplified the PCI DSS process in such a way that your business is just four-step away from the certification:

Identification of scope.

GAP Analysis.

Change Implementation.


Compliance Certificate.


Contact Reach ISO to Get You PCI DSS Certification

The world of business has become very competitive and when it comes to the process of financial transactions, customers obviously prefer to go with the PCI DSS compliant organization. Apart from falling under fines, costly forensic audits, and brand damage, this is an opportunity to attract customers by becoming PCI DSS compliant. Reach ISO has been assisting organizations in implementing the PCI SSC suggested guidelines and obtaining the certificate without much hassle. To understand how you can get started with PCI DSS certification process and a customized quote, contact us today.