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All the policies listed on this Privacy Policy page are regarding the usage conditions and guidelines for the Reach ISO website ( With this page, Reach ISO informs all the website visitors about its policies on information collection, usage, and sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that it receives when website visitors browse through this website.

Reach ISO declares that when as a website visitor, you contact us by sharing your personal details, we suggest you go through this privacy policy thoroughly. By using our website, we assume that you have gone through our privacy policies and completely agree with our policy of PII collection and usage.

What Pll Data we Collect

During browsing through Reach ISO website as a visitor, you might provide us your personal details such as your name, address, phone numbers, and email IDs, etc. We assure you that Reach ISO uses this PII information only for the sake of serving you better by contacting us with convenient means and answering your queries if any.

We might contact you (Website visitors) regarding our services, products, offers, updates, or changes in policies by using your email address or phone number unless you request us not to. However, with our strong adherence to ethical practices, we never rent, sell, or give PII information of our website visitors to any person or organization outside of Reach ISO under any condition.

Information Storage

As a website visitor, when you browse through Reach ISO website, your browser collects and sends data to us which we save as Log Data. This log data includes information about your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address), browser type, version, and time stamp. It also sends the data regarding the pages of Reach ISO you visited, the duration you spend on those pages, and additional web statistics.

Web Analytic Cookies

It is the browser in your computer or mobile device that you use to visit Reach ISO website stores all the web analytics cookies. Reach ISO collects and uses those cookies only for the purpose of analyzing website visitors’ behavior to better serve them.

Google Analytics Advertising feature

Reach ISO has enabled Google Advertising Feature which helps Reach ISO in collecting detailed information regarding website visitors. Compliant to Google policies, Reach ISO here informs all its website visitors that the Google Analytics operations include information collection about data collection by cookies, display, and reporting of network impression, and demography-based interest reporting. However, we ensure that we neither identify nor combine PII and non-PII website visitor information collected through Google products without prior consent from the site visitors.

How to Opt-Out from Google Analytics

We also notify all our website visitors that any visitor not willing to share their PII information with us through Google Analytics Advertising Feature can click the link Google Analytics Opt-out and choose to opt-out from this feature. With this step, Google Analytics stops from fetching any information about the user immediately. Additionally, Reach ISO also suggests its website visitors download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-On on their browser.

You Might Hear from Reach ISO

Until and unless a website visitor wishes not to be contacted by Reach ISO, we might contact out site visitors using the email id, phone number, or other social media handles provided by them as part of our sales, services, or other marketing initiatives.

We Protect Your Information

We value the privacy and security of our website visitors’ PII information and we have tried all possible means to protect the information. As a website visitor, you can view the security of our website but the lock symbol and by HTTPS in our website URL.

Changes or Modifications to our Privacy Policy

Reach ISO reserves all the right to modify, change, or update this privacy policy at solely our discretion and declares that it is the responsibility of the website visitors to check this page each time they visit for the latest policies. Any website visitors browsing through Reach ISO website after we make any changes to this Privacy Policy page will be taken as consented to all the changes to our policies incomplete without any condition.

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We value our website, visitors! Being a website visitor to Reach ISO website, at any point, if you have any concerns or questions about Reach ISO’s Privacy Policy, request you to email us at

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